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Patient Reviews


T. Varney-

" Most brilliant, genuine, and caring doc with the best staff ever!!! When I feel something isn't right with me, I get Doc D's opinion before any other doc's. He has saved me lots time, money, and stress by going to him for help first. He and Dee make an awesome team, and both genuinely care about their patients as well as their patients' health. It's amazing how many health issues a chiropractor can "cure". Spinal manipulation is just a very small part of a chiropractor's specialties (though it is wonderful!!!) Doc D is the best there is. No doubt. I appreciate all he has done for my husband and me. "

M. Davis-

" Been letting Dr. DePietro adjust my spine for over 20 years! OMGosh has it seriously been that long?! Yikes!! My parents were his patients first and got me going there after an injury in 1994 or 1995. An absolutely wonderful doc! We all continue to get our regular adjustments and go more often for any flare ups or injuries. "

M. Darfus-

" One of the best feelings in the world is to be adjusted by the doc!!"

J. Baumgarten-

" Wonderful Doctor! Caring and helpful! Listen to your concerns of what is bothering you and works with you on your problem! "


"Dr. Depietro really cares about his patients. The best doc in town! "

M. Carpenter-

" Would never think about going anywhere else. He really has your best interest in mind. "